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Here’s a few pictures of Cecelia’s Samplers… see why I had no trouble finding things to buy for 4 days in a row?  The shop was wonderfully stocked and the ladies were super helpful; there was a whole wall of Gloriana silks to tempt me, and the “sale tub” was a bathtub!  Definitely worth a pop-in if you are in the Branson area. Oh– and I found out that you can sign up for their newsletter at the website and get special deals, too.


16 thoughts on “Cecilia’s Samplers

  1. Be still my heart – what stash heaven is that? LOL And that tub – how cool for bargain goodies!!!

    Tanya :)

  2. Ok, Monique! I MUST get to Branson this season SOMETIME!!!!!!!!!!!
    I MUST get to Cecilia’s!! These pictures are awesome!!!!!! I tried signing up for the newsletter this am & couldn’t so I have emailed them!!!! I also asked about the SAL!!

  3. What a great shop! It isn’t far from my grandmother’s, maybe I could get her to take a road trip there and back with me during one of my visits.

  4. Couldn’t we all just camp out in that shop and have a stitch-in for days!!?? They could just shove food and drinks under the door for us. :) I’d only have to bring my mag. light and my pillow! It must have been an awesome time for you!

  5. Thanks for sharing these photos. This places looks remarkable. I would be overwhelmed, but happy, in a store like this.

  6. Awesome shop!!!! Wow! I could lose myself in the thread aisle. I have got to get there. Thanks for posting this!!! Sounds like a great time.

  7. That is a most fantastic shop! I can see where you had absolutely no problem keeping busy in there for four days. It would make me crazy — I would want one of everything! You are a strong woman, Monique!

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