Would you believe that I only took 14 pictures?! I think I was too busy having fun to remember to capture the moments. Most were of the Lego store; here are the rest.

This was funny; the little plane I took to Chicago had a patch of duct tape on the wing:


While watching these kids perform HSM3 songs, all I could focus on was what a hot job that must be. (I don’t know whose head that is) I don’t know how anyone could jump/dance around in all that heat, but I guess it looks pretty good on a resume…


My daughter wasn’t able to see Rockhopper from Club Penguin when she visited a few weeks ago, so I stood in line with her autograph book and visited him for her. BTW, none of the people in this picture is us… hubby didn’t have the camera ready so he got a shot of strangers:


Here’s a grocery store with neat sand castles on display! This Winn-Dixie had real sand castles but no lemonade in 20 oz. bottles… weird.



I just updated the Etsy shop a bit with some new floss tags and threadholders; I’ve got frogging needles and some stitching bling to list, too. Later today, I hope.

Katie (our cat) hasn’t left my side since I’ve been here and Penelope (our frog) has been splashing his water when I walk by; I guess I’ve been missed. It’s good to be home! I still have goodies to unpack from my Branson trip, and the laundry is out of control…



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  1. Ok, the duct tape would have made me just a bit nervous . . . .well actually A LOT nervous!! LOL What a cool sandcastle! It looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing with us!

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