the Orlando Lego store

I have always liked Legos, and the Lego store in Downtown Disney is one of my favorite places to look around and imagine in. I love the neat Lego sculptures around the store, too… there’s a BIG green dragon in the lake:


and a photospot with a crab, shark, and fish:


The store windows have Lego scenes of different countries in them:


but my favorite part of the shop is the WALL of Lego bricks! Look at this thing:


Each little cubby holds a different brick style, and there are many that you just don’t see outside of the store. There are 2 sizes of plastic cups that you can fill with whatever you want from the wall… I’d like to fill one with stems, bush pieces, trees, and flower heads and make myself a little window garden that I couldn’t kill off.


Love this big guy guarding the play space in back:


Lego artists: Sean Kenney, Nathan Sawaya, Henry Lim, Eric Harshbarger, Mariann Asanuma.



10 thoughts on “the Orlando Lego store

  1. Ben still loves legos and he’ll be 10 in a few weeks. I think they are those classic toys you are never too old for. We went to DD several years ago and that Lego store is amazing – Ben doesn’t remember it much but the album pictures still make his eyes pop.


  2. Is this Disney World? Florida? I don’t remember seeing this, but last time we went was about 3 or 4 years ago. What a fun place! Mr. Right would love this!

  3. oh I have such fond memories of legos in our house .. the boys and their friends played with them well into their teens .. I remember one time when Chris was having a sleep over, about 4 17 yr old boys playing with legos at 3am! lol

    looks like you had a wonderful time!!!!

  4. That really looks like it would be a fun place to visit. It is absolutely amazing what people can build out of Legos!

  5. Monique! You’ve given me the warm fuzzies with these photos. Disney World and Disney Land are my favorite “feel-good” places of all time. So glad you got to go and enjoy it with your kids.

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