oh boy. (cheap shoes)



Yep, I was in the line for dollar flip-flops at Old Navy this morning… who else couldn’t resist?  I drove out to a store that no one else ever goes to so I didn’t think it would be very crowded.  I’m glad I didn’t just go to one of the popular locations!

What’s funny is that the whole store smelled like a flip-flop because of all the new stock.


8 thoughts on “oh boy. (cheap shoes)

  1. I was at Old Navy this afternoon – looking for shorts, not flip flops – and it was a ZOO. I found a couple tank tops I was wanting, but I didn’t want them bad enough to wait in those horrendous lines! And this was around 2 or 3 this afternoon…can only imagine what it was like earlier in the day.

  2. I so wanted to go .. flip flops for dollar! awesome :) but didn’t want to fight the lines .. did you get any?? what colors??

  3. No! Fortunately I learned of this afterwards and I wouldn’t have gone had I known before! I hate lines! Hate them!

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