Misc. Monday (on Tuesday instead)

051509e paints

Found this pic in a folder on my comp… my daughter has been artsy ever since she was old enough to keep the paint on the paper and off of the walls. They grow up so fast! ::sigh::


I’ve added new frogging needles to my Etsy shop, and here’s a pic of one in action.


Found this in my suitcase! (ok, so I’m slow to unpack) At WDW, we went to an animation class and here’s how my Mickey came out. It was hard to draw because the artist didn’t show us a finished pic first, but just started off with “draw a circle down on the bottom right side of your paper” and I didn’t know where he was going with it… it was a fun experience though.


I sent this pic of my daughter in to JCS for the ornament issue, and she’s horrified that people will think she still looks like that. I assured her that no one would even notice (and if they did, they wouldn’t care) but she wanted me to post a disclaimer. So, for the record, she’s 10 now and has all of her teeth.

Today is hubby’s birthday and we will be having a family BBQ this evening to celebrate… we usually just go out for dinner on birthdays but I think my dad wanted an excuse to fire up his new grill. Those things are more like outside kitchens these days, aren’t they? We’ve definitely evolved from the Weber Kettles. Anyway, Happy Birthday to Bill!!



10 thoughts on “Misc. Monday (on Tuesday instead)

  1. Hi Monique,
    Great pictures and happy, happy to your husband. Hope it’s a memorable time.

    That Mickey is impressive – so cool!!

    Tanya :)

  2. Happy birthday hubby! And your daughter is beautiful at any age!

    Your Mickey is AMAZING!

    I’ve got to write you back about the stitching group! You haven’t scared me off at all! I need more time in my days :)

  3. Wow, your Mickey drawing is fabulous! I wish I could draw anything other than squiggly lines. Love your crafty photos!

  4. Your daughter is darling. I was also missing both my front teeth at the same time and still remember how much I got teased about it.

    Happy birthday to your husband!!!

  5. Aww, what a sweet post. And I think your daughter looks very pretty, with or without her teeth in situ, I’m sure.
    You did an amazing job with the Mickey drawing. And with the frogging needle. That’s just too cute. I wouldn’t want to jinx anything, so having a frogging needle is not my priority, though.
    Happy birthday to your hubby!

  6. I love the frog waving on the frogging needle, that is too cute! E’s pictures are adoreable. Tell her not to worry, I’ve seen her in person and can vouch for her. ;-) Happy birthday to Bill!

    Missed you at Rainbow. Maybe next month?

  7. I love the frogging needle!!! That is great! You daughter is so cute, even back then! LOL They do grow up so fast!

  8. Your daughter is adorable, with or without teeth, and artistic, too! Your Mickey Mouse is very good. My dad was a cartoonist and he would think you did a very good job.

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