Cheese + ABQ = fun

Cheese has already unpacked (and put away his souvenirs!) so I’ll post his pics first:


At an Old Town souvenir shop, Cheese jumped right in to find the perfect hat. People were watching him (and I think whispering about him behind his back), but he wasn’t as embarrassed as I would have been if I’d been the one caught playing in a giant basket of sombreros.


He spent a lot of time watching the flamingos at the Rio Grande Zoo, although I suspect it was mostly because he found a nice shady spot. Those flamingos were stinky.


Nothing beats sipping an Icee in a rose garden on a lovely day.


Cheese giggled at this snake trying to figure out how to eat him… but when we went to the Rattlesnake Museum where the cages are more open, he wasn’t so brave. He wouldn’t even come out of the backpack!


Poor Cheese! He isn’t used to such hot weather (even though it’s a dry heat) and had to take a siesta in a cactus patch. We went into the bead shop while he was napping (because really, what else is there to do while your platypus naps?) and came out with these:


I feel a beading frenzy coming on.
(I won’t tell you that I went to FIVE bead shops in New Mexico)

More later!


13 thoughts on “Cheese + ABQ = fun

  1. I’ve said it before and I will say it again — I just LOVE Cheese! I bet he is the perfect traveling companion. I am glad he got a little siesta and I love your beads!

  2. Hope Cheese bought one of the sombreros for summertime! I love your bead stash – can’t wait to see what you make.

  3. Oh, I’m so sorry Cheese. I thought you were a duck! LOL
    I love these pictures! I hope you got him a little sombreros. He looked good in one!
    Was Cheese afraid of yesterday’s storms? Did they miss you? Hoping so!

  4. looks like Cheese had a wonderful vacation! I just love seeing places through his eyes :) and ya better have gotten a sombrero for Cheese! too darn cute :)

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