here in recoveryland

I’m in that annoying state of being where I don’t feel awful enough to pass out into a deep sleep, but I don’t feel good enough to do much of anything either.  And my stomache muscles HURT… I feel like I just participated in a sit-up marathon.  I also still have the double-vision from anesthesia, which makes threading a needle nearly impossible, so I’m not even stitching.  Poor me ;)  At least I have my little netbook here… what a super toy this is!



12 thoughts on “here in recoveryland

  1. The crappy feelings won’t last for too long, hopefully – glad to hear the surgery went well by the sounds of it :)

  2. Give yourself permission to relax as long as possible. Remember to hold a pillow to your tummy whenever your moving.

    Hope your feeling better soon!!


  3. Glad everything went well w/no complications. Just take it easy. Your stitching will still be there waiting for you when you up to it. :-)

  4. I’m glad there were no complications. I know you hurt right now, but it will get better fairly quickly and you’ll be back to your regular sunny self in no time. :)

  5. Hope you are doing better Monique. So glad you had it done finally! You’ll definitely be glad you did. Might take a little bit of time (it did me) but in the end it’s a good thing! Take it easy! And thanks for keeping up posted!

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