bad at rest

Why is it so hard for women to rest? If a man (thinking of my husband specifically) had been told by his doctor to rest after surgery, he’d grab the remote, get on the couch, and not move again until he had to go to the bathroom. After which he’d go immediately back to the couch. I, on the other hand, haven’t been a good rester at all. I sometimes think I get more done when I’m supposed to be taking it easy than on normal days… as though I’m feeling guilty for relaxing so I do extra housework to compensate. Stupid, I know, but there it is.


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  1. Me, too, Monique. It’s got to be a ‘female thing’ I guess. But try to take a page out of hubby’s book and put your feet up, okay? We don’t want you ill …. Sending healing hugs!!

  2. I think it is just female — I think sitting down and taking it easy is somehow a sign of weakness but, in your case, it isn’t. You need to sit down and rest — you have had surgery! Even if it is considered “routine” and “simple” it is still surgery and your body needs to rest even if your mind can’t. When my husband had his heart surgery a few years back, he couldn’t sit down either — he was going to prove to himelf and everbody else how “strong” he was. He did well and I think that determination got him over it quickly but I still had to really insist that he rest. Now, you need to just sit and stitch and let yourself heal up!

  3. definitely a girl thing…and also a momma thing. it’s like we know that we don’t get time like that, so we feel like we have to everything we can…

  4. When I had my GB removed last May I was released from Hospital same day and about an hour after I got home I was cleaning the cat’s litter box. Even though it was extremely painful I knew iT needed to be done. I think we know that if we women don’t do it then it just won’t get done. So why put it off when we know it will evertually need to be done!!

  5. I can’t rest either-was unpacking after having my son by c-section, went to the mall 2 hours after having my wisdom teeth removed, and hundreds of other things. Don’t worry. The house won’t fall apart if you sit and relax.

  6. So ironic you should mention this. When I recently had a cortisone injection in my knee, I was ordered to stay off my feet. I had an awful time doing so. I wrote to someone that on days when I have a myriad of things to do, I long for nothing more than sit and rest. But when I’m forced to rest, I long to get up and be active. Go figure.

  7. Me too, Monique. Thsi was the main reason my husband was nervous when the possibility came up of going home after being on hospitalized bedrest when pregnant with DS – he wasn’t sure I’d actually stay off my feet except for bathroom breaks. Take it easy; your body needs the rest. Take care.

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