Misc. Monday


Here’s a picture of the cover of this year’s JCS Ornament Issue… once again they forgot to put my design on the cover. LOL! I’m happy to be included at all, really. I love the annual ornament mag and look forward to getting it each year. Despite my best intentions I’ve only stitched about 5 ornaments from the last 10 years, but it’s still a great addition to my collection.

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Bill made me an anniversary card and it was the sweetest thing. He wrote some mushy stuff about choosing me to ride down life’s highway with him… and here’s part of what he drew.

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Winfield had a little fair and fireworks show for the first time ever and it wasn’t too bad. Much better than I expected it to be anyway. I think that’s because it was in honor of our late Mayor, who was re-elected this year after he was already deceased. Actually, I believe he is still officially the Mayor until the next election in 2010. Anyway… Elizabeth wanted to play one of the carnival games so she could win me this alien, shown here helping me with my threadholders.

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I was in a beading mood yesterday and made some fobs, laying tools, zipper pulls, and froggers.

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I’ve been wanting to recover my couch pillows for the longest time and finally did it… I think they look SO much better. Delphine, the family ostrich is showing you the before & after pillows here. I liked the old pillows (on the left) because they looked kind of Klimt-y to me, but our curtains are that light turquoisey blue and they just didn’t match. I made the covers like shams, so they can easily be taken off to be washed if needed. They were super easy to make! Here’s my pattern, if you want to see how I did it:


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For the past two Sundays, I’ve gone without using the computer at all and I’ve been able to get a lot done. And rest a lot more. I highly recommend living a Computer-Free Sunday lifestyle!



6 thoughts on “Misc. Monday

  1. Wow, thanks for the sneakpeek of the JCS ornie issue. Congrats on getting a chart in. I can’t wait for the issue to hit my mailbox! Love the card drawing Bill made for you…so sweet!

  2. How dare they forget to put your ornament on the cover! LOL Can’t wait to see your design. Love the beaded things and the pillow is very pretty.

  3. I’ve also been spending more time offline, but when I get back online, there’s such a backlog of stuff that I’m not sure that it really does add up to less time behind the computer.

    Love your new pillows, and your how-to totally cracked me up. Looks like my chaotic doodling! :D

  4. Very sweet card — keep him
    Very cute alien — keep him too
    Very nice pillow — Reminds me I need to do that too
    Gorgeous accessories — but then they always are

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