making beaded things, etc.




Happy Saturday! Here are examples of some of the beaded things I’ve made recently… floss rings, scissors fobs, and laying needles. These are available in my Etsy shop, and this weekend 50% of your purchases will be donated to the Humane Society of MO. (see why here) Yesterday ‘s total for donation was $73.00… more today? Thank you!

I think I’ll have a complimentary chart ready to post early next week. I’ve got 2 custom designs to do for upcoming retreats and I’m in the designing mood (thank goodness)… I believe I can squeak out an extra one ;)

I saw the Twilight movie last night and it didn’t do much for me. But I didn’t particularly care for the books, either… didn’t make it through the whole series. I think it’s because Edward strikes me as a very needy guy and Bella lost herself as soon as she met him… weak girl + needy emo guy doesn’t make for a good story IMHO. And I kept thinking, “why didn’t she go for Jacob?!” I know, I’m weird :)

The wasps around here are in attack mode… hubby got stung a few times yesterday when he was out cutting the lawn. I’m hoping he can knock down their nests today and kill them all! I’m normally not a violent girl, but wasps and other stingy things don’t count. Right?


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  1. Lovely beading, and as to the wasps, I totally relate, stingy things are not what I want to have around either. Hope your DH is feeling better by now.

  2. well poop, that’s what happens when I get behind on my blog reading .. I miss all the good stuff! What an awesome fundraiser you did!!!

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