a finish, beaded things, + missing uniforms




Well, I *finally* finished stitching an ornament! I better get busy because there’s only 134 stitching days left until Christmas, assuming you want to spend Christmas Eve doing the finishing work. Better make that 133 stitching days.

I went to my first bead show and had a great time finding unusual beads and spending money. I’ve made up some scissors fobs and beaded thread rings, and listed them for sale in my Etsy shop… I think they turned out great and hope you agree.

Six days left until school starts, and still no uniforms in sight. They did come in plenty of time when I first ordered them, but they were unfortunately not the right the size. My daughter thinks the uniform style is “a fashion disaster” (and I have to agree), but she’s going to be really embarrassed if she has to go to school in just her underwear the first day! Just kidding… the teacher said that if they don’t come in time she can wear something as close as we can find to the uniform until the real thing (in the right size) arrives. Yeesh.



2 thoughts on “a finish, beaded things, + missing uniforms

  1. Love the new fobs and thread rings! I feel for your daughter and the uniform thing. Having to wear a uniform that’s a “fashion disaster” is one thing, but not being able to dress like everyone else on the first day of school would really be a disaster. Hope it all works out!

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