floss storage

The question, “how do you store your floss?” pops up on message boards from time to time… here’s my answer. The DMC floss goes into ArtBin containers, which are *exactly* the same width as a skein of floss. I can keep them sorted by colors and I have yet to find anything better! And isn’t it pretty to look at?!

I do keep the classic bobbin box on hand, and when the DMC gets too tangly or just won’t hold it’s wrapper anymore, I’ll wind the pitiful lump onto a bobbin.

The closet is where I store my flosses used for designing. They are on metal binder rings, organized by color & manufacturer, silks separated out, and I love them all! (you can click that picture to make it bigger)

Then I have a drawer full of random fibers which I use in art projects. It looks a mess, but I do know what all is in there. OK, I admit it… I love fibers of any type!

For WIPs or for kitting up projects, I like to use the threadholders that I make and (if you’ll excuse a little sales pitch) offer for sale on my website:


4 thoughts on “floss storage

  1. The hanging area for floss is brilliant – I’d love to do that, if only these Dutch houses came with closets. Grumble. I’d love to have a double set of DMC – one set to organize by number and the other by color families. LOL!

  2. If you love fibers you MUST get Hand-Dyed Fibers by our dear Vicky Clayton, cause if you have not used this, you have not used a truly good silk or fiber period.

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