a sweet boy


I’ve been left behind to babysit  catsit while the rest of the family is enjoys a Florida vacation, but  I don’t mind.  This is a nice place, and the cats are good, and I’m happy to have a break from waking up at 6am every morning. 


This is Moses, aka “The Handsome Beast”… he’s a big sweetie.  And he has the cutest little squeaky purr!  (oooh, he’d be so upset with me if he knew I posted that)  Martha, aka “The Pretty Princess” was too busy chasing a cricket to have her picture taken.  I went out to get the newspaper this morning, and it jumped right in.  Cricket suicide!

I’ve been feeling a little “off” lately, but I’m determined to find the best of what this day has to offer!  I hope you find happiness in your day as well :)

6 thoughts on “a sweet boy

  1. Oh my gosh, Moses is a beautiful and looks SO cozy!!!! So precious. Crickets, eh? I hate those things!!! We get the jumpy kind and they freak me out – Maddy likes to bat them around and then leave them…in parts…for me to find. Good kitty. LOL

  2. Sorry you feel “off”. I get that way too. Kinda feel that way right now. Just stressing about $$ and the 50 million things I “have to do”. Just keep looking up and He’ll help you out.

    Moses is gorgeous!! Our fat cat, Saban, would probably get along great w/him.

  3. What a beautiful cat. I hope you will get to post a photo of Martha, and I really hope you are feeling better soon =)

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