skinny cat, skinny pizza


Here’s Martha, resting after the big cricket chase yesterday.  She so furry it’s hard to get a good picture of her, and with the sun shining on her she looks more gray than usual. I always think she’ll be heavy when I pick her up because of her size, but she’s all hair!  BTW, she may look sweet, but she’s really the main trouble-causer around here.


Randomly inserted yummy dinner pic… St. Louis style pizza, cracker thin:


I have work I’m supposed to be doing but I don’t feel much like doing any of it, and then I feel even worse because nothing is getting done… I’m in a downward spiral here and it stinks. 

In an effort to break this tragic cycle of  inactivity, I’m going out today.  It’s a beautiful day and I plan to experience it from the other side of the window.   Maybe I just have a case of Fall Fever.  Or a case of the Monday’s still left over.

Please pass me the Calgon


4 thoughts on “skinny cat, skinny pizza

  1. Martha does look sweet, but I do know that looks can be deceiving as with my own cats! LOL The pizza looks wonderful and I hope that you enjoyed your day out!!!

  2. love the kitty pictures .. and yummy that pizza looks devine!

    ((((((((monique))))))))) hope your funk gets better soon!

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