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Well, that was quite a week we just had. My daughter started looking pretty yucky Monday night, so we scurried over the the Urgent Care — two hours later and we received the dreaded flu diagnosis! BTW, that test for H1N1 is more than just “a little uncomfortable”, don’t be fooled by well-meaning nurses. To make life even more interesting, I developed bronchitis/pneumonia. Elizabeth and I spent a few days informally competing to see who’s fever was highest at any given time and listening to each other moan. Fun. Thank God for Tamiflu and Zithromax.


In between disinfecting the house (with Lysol spray in one hand and Clorox wipes in the other) and staring intently at my daughter (looking for indications of how her illness was progressing), I got a bit of stitching done. I started this cute little witch, changing some of the charted colors. I wanted her to have cheerier socks (she’s a happy witch) so they’ll be purple & green, and her hat needs to be jazzed up as well.


This design, “His Name is Jesus”, is taking me forever to stitch. I don’t know what the deal is, but it’s slow going. I guess I’d probably be a little further along on it if I weren’t stitching cute little witches. The full design can be seen and downloaded on this page, in case you can’t stand the suspense.


Along with my bronchitis, I developed startitis and decided to begin something festive. I fell in love with “ABC Christmas” as soon as I saw the model in Linda’s room at the recent trade show, and thought it would go perfectly onto this piece of Crystal Relic fabric (which I also fell in love with at the show) by Picture This Plus. And it does. Go perfectly.


You might have noticed that this fabric is Aida… I like Aida for some things. I am perfectly capable of stitching on linen, but I still like Aida for some projects, and this is one of them. Unfortunately I won’t be able to take this WIP to my local stitching group meetings, which is where some of the nicest linen snobs you’ll ever meet congregate. I learned long ago, after about the 20th comment of, “we have to get you off that Aida” that it’s just safer to bring linen-based projects to our get-togethers. They keep me in the group, but it’s on a “don’t ask, don’t tell” basis.


15 thoughts on “sick wips

  1. I am so glad that everyone is on the mend. I love seeing the stitching. The witch is looking very interesting.

  2. I stitched that little witch too! :) Not sure what to do in place of the charm at her neck, though!

    My youngest is sick also. He was fine on Friday and sick Saturday! Hope you all feel better soon!

  3. I am so glad that you are both feeling better and hope that you are ALL better soon!! So sorry that you have both been so sick though, it is bad enough having your child sick but you being sick at the same time is not cool at all!!!

    Love your progress pics! I plan to stitch His Name is Jesus one day too!! IT is so gorgeous!!

  4. good to hear you are both on the mend. It seems people are sick everywhere.
    Love the LK start. Might have to look into that one! Especially love the aida story!!! I too can stitch on any fabric, but still love aida for some projects. There is a stitch group I belong to that is the same way. When I first joined, I did not know how to stitch on evenweave or aida & there were linen snobs who really got on me. I told them to give me time!!!

  5. I think Jesus is slowing you down because you are stitching witches! ;) Hope everyone is well in your house soon.

  6. I had to chuckle at your Aida story–I feel the same way. I have an old grab bag of it that I am currently matching for ornaments and like the look of it with the patterns I picked/still picking.
    Glad you are on the mend.

  7. I hope you are feeling better =) I hate that you can’t just stitch on anything and it be okay. They say the same thing here, too. It like you walked in with a pacifier in your mouth! I like aida for some things. Maybe we should start a closet aida stitchers club =)

  8. You mean that test where they poke the stick up your nose and scrape off bits of your brain? Yeah, that one’s no fun.

    Hope you are feeling much better now. That Tamiflu works miracles. One year I got the flu (had that brain scrape) and with Tamiflu was walking ’round Disney World five days later. Weak but not nearly dead like before! ***hugs***

  9. Your latest WIP is gorgeous – that witch is just too cool! And the LK design is going to be such fun to stitch. Hope you’re both on the mend healthwise now that the drugs have had time to kick in!

    I had to smile at the stitching group comment – I remember the first time I joined an Embroidery Guild in Auckland, I was encouraged to enter a stitched piece in an informal exhibit … I brought a counted thread piece in that I was extraordinarily proud of, with a few different specialty threads and stitches – this ‘old duck’ came up to me and spoke to me condescendingly and said “we all have to start somewhere” … what the…?! Let’s just say I learned very quickly that XS was not welcome, and I didn’t stay in the Guild that much longer than 3 months after that – even though I’d done hardanger and stumpwork and a few other things, I never felt 100% comfortable from then on. Thankfully the Guild in Melbourne was much kinder, although with shift work I never managed to get to meetings. I haven’t worked up the courage to sign up here in
    Sydney yet – there’s still that ‘stigma’ attached to it after my Auckland experience! So, I say, you go for it girl – there ain’t nothing wrong with Aida, in my eyes. My personal preference is for linens, but I’d probably still opt for Aida for those designs that are mostly covered in stitches … much easier on the eyes, even if it’s not so on the needle ;)

  10. Hope you are both feeling much better :)

    I usually have a preference for linen, but that looks like an awfully nice piece of Aida (and perfect for that LK piece)!

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