adding a needle as a design element

I have done a few designs where I used a real needle in the piece rather than a stitched needle… I think it looks neat. When I was finishing up this model I took pics so I could share how to do it:


You’ll need to start by leaving a blank space in your stitching where the display needle will go. Make sure you stop with the thread on top, and remove your stitching needle.


Run thread through the eye of the display needle and stick it in the fabric wherever it needs to go, then re-thread your stitching needle.


Complete the stitch to hold the display needle in place, and finish the backstitching like normal.


There you go ;) And if we zoom out:


Have a marvelous Monday!


8 thoughts on “adding a needle as a design element

  1. I love the new design :) That looks like a great way of attaching the needle … unfortunately not something I could do, as the needle would rust due to the really high humidity down here, but I think it will look nice just with the snowflakes :) – not AS nice, but still nice ;)

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