change isn’t always good


This witch lost her hat and had to borrow one from her friend, who is a clown. Her spells haven’t been selling well lately, so she’s had to take a part time job as a crossing guard…

I give up.


10 thoughts on “change isn’t always good

  1. Well I think she’s a cutie! Definitely one my boys would love – not scary at all, which is just as she should be.

  2. hope you are better dear! havent been around the blogs hopping, been under the weather too. please let me know family is well u are recovered from the pneumonia.. i had that a few years back and its pretty nasty. healing hugs.Px

  3. oh my, you are hilarious. It does take a village to raise a child, so, the witch seems to be doing her part. Super cute.
    I saw your christmas countdown too, I can’t even go there yet.

  4. I’m finishing mine into a pillow tonight. I’ll have to share a picture. Never thought of the stopsign, I’ll have to go see what mine looks like!

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