unfortunately I tried this meme

Saw this on someone’s blog; sounds like it might be mildly entertaining… Type your first name preceded by the word “unfortunately” into Google and see what comes up. Here’s a few of mine:

Unfortunately Monique:

  • doesn’t buy a word Fidel says.
  • doesn’t speak English yet.
  • was unable to make steady progress.
  • had a hell of a day at the beauty shop.
  • has no one for herself.
  • is hiding the fact that she’s dying from her syphallis.
  • learned about his past and drunkenly confronted him.
  • ain’t on the list.

Hmmm… not quite as entertaining as it sounded. That’s unfortunate.

8 thoughts on “unfortunately I tried this meme

  1. Here are two of mine!
    Unfortunately Sara’s birthday is a high profile event…

    And this one is hilarious!
    “Unfortunately, Sara’s is trying to be too many things and ends up being mediocre overall.”

  2. So funny!

    This is what came up for me at the top:

    Tanya is actually quiet a smart and logical girl when she sits down and thinks.



  3. I think some of yours are funny, Monique! I’m going to post a list of mine tomorrow. Thanks for the little giggle.

  4. Actually, I think those are a pretty funny collection. I just tried it and posted my results on my blog. I got a real kick out of this!

  5. * will miss the Roanoke show because she’s busy with her other gig — playing drums for Beyonce
    * starts dancing and she goes drunk.
    * was too sick to drink out of my breast.
    * just doesn’t have it in her right now.
    * was unable to attend the memorial service since she was overseas on a Foreign Service Mission.
    * isn’t the one you want to play games with

  6. I wanted to pick your brain again about stitchbooking. I am thinking of getting into it again and I want to make sure I attach the fabric to the scrapbook pages so they’re very neat, especially around the edges. Can you tell me what you used again?

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