Pictured above: almost all of my scissors. I know there are a few more pairs around the house, but I was too lazy busy to dig them up for the photos. I thought I’d better post pics of them here because I’m getting ready to go to my Branson retreat and I always buy at least one pair of scissors there… I want to avoid repeats but I don’t want to carry the pics around in my purse like a proud mother, you know.

I found the Christmas radio station this morning, and I’ve been listening to it and feeling merry all day!


8 thoughts on “scissors

  1. So glad to hear you’re feeling merry :o) Hope you have a great time in Branson, my friend!

  2. Wow, very nice!! I can’t buy lots of scissors as I lose them:) I just buy the cheepies so I don’t have to worry so much. But you have a few pair that are speeking to me:)

    My dh has a rule about Christmas music, it has to wait (along with the tree) until after Thanksgiving;0) Although dd and I will ‘sneak’ some in before hand, LOL

  3. What a wonderful scissor collection. Hope things are going well for you at the needle show. I visited your booth earlier. I REALLY LOVE the Grace pattern. It is going on my wish list!!!

  4. Hey! Where’s the pair I bought you?? I gave them to you with some fabric back in May when you were here.

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