what’s in the bag?

Following Anna’s lead and sharing what’s in my stitching bag:





I have pics of my Branson weekend to post later… you won’t believe all the goodies we got!  My friend Kim listed out all of her stash on her blog, and I got pretty much the same stuff.  I’m not going to list exactly everything I got because I’m lazier busier than she is, but I will tell you that I bought TWO pairs of scissors instead of just my usual one ;)



4 thoughts on “what’s in the bag?

  1. Monique,

    You are not lazy just busy!! I have no life which is why I listed all on my blog. It was a great weekend with you and Sandy. I see now why you like both type of weekends in Branson..different but awesome! Keep eating those smarties!

  2. Love your stitching bag! My hubby would sneak all your smarties if he had the chance!

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