the Branson stash haul


I came home with 2 pairs of scissors to add to my collection… and they’re laying on top of a chart I felt compelled to purchase because I fell in love with those sweet little squares!


Every morning we had a new stack of goodies at our seat. Due to an unfortunate glare you can’t see my nametag very well but it was stitched by our Event Queen, who stitched one for each of us! She also stitched everyone a Christmas ornament… mine is pictured below, another victim of the unfortunate glare.


One of my favorite projects this weekend was this Pine Mountain snowman pillow kit. I think we got about 16 or so projects over the weekend, all completely kitted up and ready to go. I really don’t know why I bother taking any of my own stitching to these Cecilia’s weekends


How cute is this cow?! He’s one of those stuffable animals, and he came filled with fabric cuts instead of fluff…


When I got home, I dumped everything out onto my kitchen table… easier to sort and put away then digging through bags. I still have a tote bag that’s almost full of threads to organize and ring, but I haven’t had time!


I’ll have to post pics of my finishes & WIPs next time… Have a lovely evening!!


4 thoughts on “the Branson stash haul

  1. You sure got a lot of stuff. I love their retreats!
    I recently purchased that same chart with the little squares.

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