finishes with a capital F

So here’s how I finished the little Quaker guy:

The snowflake frame is from Yarn Tree, and your LNS can order them. I used red wire to make a hanger and added little stars and a “peace” charm. It’s for exchange, and I really hope my partner likes it!

I also stitched and finished this Pine Mountain design. Seriously, PMs are so good for these dark evenings and TV watching, aren’t they? I never used to like them much but they’ve grown on me over the past year and I’m now a Pine Mountain fan… they’re quick, cute, and easy.

I didn’t stitch or finish the acorn tag; I just wanted to make note of this idea for using those Kelmscott thread hoops. Holly had this at the Branson retreat:


6 thoughts on “finishes with a capital F

  1. Beautiful, especially that gorgeous snowman and its frame, I’m sure your partner will be thrilled.

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