Thanksgiving Eve

spotted in Target this morning:

Every year, I head out about 2 am on Friday morning to stand in line at JCPenney. As soon as the store opens, I grab my free snow globe and head to whatever it is I’m after (never more than 3 items) and get in line to pay so I can be out in time to go stand in line at Kohl’s before they open. At Kohl’s, same thing… I hurry so I can get to Macy’s before their opening time!

But my plans have been foiled this year. JC Penney will be opening an hour later than usual, which unfortunately is the same time as the Kohl’s opening… I’ll have to choose one or the other. No matter which I choose, I’m sure to be wondering what I’m missing at the other!

I am aware of stores offering the same deals online, but the level of excitement just isn’t the same. And internet shopping (even at midnight) doesn’t allow me to practice my survival skills.

I enjoyed a relaxing morning of shopping today, before the madness of Friday. And look what I found in Victoria’s Secret– a cross stitch design on underwear:

Unfortunately only available in the “cheekier” style or else I’d be sporting some.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Eve; I’m so thankful for all of you, my blogging friends!


7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Eve

  1. 2am?! Wow…you’re dedicated! Me, I’m dedicated to sleep! lol I love the cross stitch undies. Too bad they’re cheeky…I can’t do those either.

  2. Pink is where the heart is? In cross stitch? Oh, dear, the heart pines. ;o)

    You are just like my mother was! She always got her Black Friday deals before the mobs had their morning coffee. Wonder Woman!!

  3. Yama Hama – 2AM??? You rock, Monique – you’re my idol. LOL Here I’m thinking 5PM was early. Have fun!!! Wish I could join you in the fun.

    Those panties are fun but not practical, eh? LOL

  4. HEY! SOMEONE ELSE LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!! My husband & I do that every year!!! We spend part of Thanksgiving evening scouring the ads & making our battle plan for Black Friday!!!!! Glad we aren’t the only ones!!!!
    Too bad I have put weight back on….can’t fit in skimpy panties for sure!

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