White Christmas

WooHooo! Tonight’s the night… going to see White Christmas with the original Broadway cast at The Fox Theatre, which is just gorgeous inside:

(you can see the official photo gallery here, if you’re interested)

Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister
And lord help the sister, who comes between me and my man


7 thoughts on “White Christmas

  1. Oh, I absolutely love the Fox and miss that so much since we moved away. Thanks for the gallery shots. Made me smile. Have fun.

  2. We saw A Christmas Carol there last Friday. LOVE LOVE LOVE that show! And it’s even better at the Fox. It is quite the setting!

  3. Hope you like it better than my sister did. BTW, “Sisters” is our favorite. And now we’re passing it along to the next generation (my niece sings it too!)

  4. Oh, it looks like so much fun! The Fox is just too lovely…I went there with a group of friends twenty years ago, to see Handel’s Messiah. It was glorious!

  5. Now it is my turn to cry … Sister, Sisters .. watched the YouTube video … and it made me think of my sister, who passed away last March … (we were reconnecting via the Internet) I miss her emails so much .. would have been so neat if she would have been of FB

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