a special gift

OK you guys… I have to share some pictures of one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. My friend Meri made this for me and I was nearly speechless when I opened the box, although I did cry a bit. It’s an art book/scrapbook and it has the neatest special touches here & there:

She used DMC bobbins for page tabs! One side spells out “stitch” and the other side spells out “my mark”. There are bits of linen throughout, and she used stitching threads as tassels/accents. There’s a giant button on the cover to wrap ribbon around & hold it closed. And how about that binding?! I really can’t say enough about this, so I won’t say much at all… just look:

This is actually a long accordion page that has pictures of some of my stitching friends!

Meri, I can’t thank you enough for giving me such a special gift!

14 thoughts on “a special gift

  1. Wow!!!! What an amazing gift! You are very lucky to have such a dear friend. Enjoy every page (I’m sure you are!)

  2. Monique, you are so very welcome — like I said it was a long-ago promise that I finally completed! I feel like I have gotten to know and understand you are your stitching design so much more — I’ve come to adore your logo X —

  3. I would LOVE to see it in person! Will I see you tomorrow night? I would LOVE to see you, too! :-)

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