Misc. Monday

*** I’ve misplaced the model I stitched for the 2009 Just Cross Stitch ornament issue! I sort of remember thinking “I better put this some place where I won’t lose it” when the box came in the mail, but I’ll be darned if I can figure out where the safe place is.

*** this week’s reading:

*** a stitchy finish, LK “tiny tree” ornament done over 3 linen threads with DMC Perle:

*** new additions to the scissor fob selection on my website:

*** Our Christmas tree is up but not decorated yet. Well, it has 3 ornaments on it right now but only because I just bought them… haven’t gotten the ornaments from the basement yet. Judging from posts I’ve seen on facebook and blogs, it seems like a lot of us just aren’t ready this year!

*** Tomorrow I’ll be going to see Jesus Christ Superstar! The film came out in 1973 and has been one of my faves ever since. Seriously. I know every word by heart –which isn’t saying much after 36 years of listening to the soundtrack, but still. I’m a big fan. HUGE fan. I’ve seen the play (er, rock opera) every time it’s come to my city; the best tour was the one with Carl Anderson playing Judas. I’m a little concerned about Ted Neeley’s age and whether his 60-something year old voice can still belt out the tunes, but I have no doubt that I’ll enjoy myself immensely even if he can’t.

I just remembered that I got into big trouble in grade school for teaching my classmates one of the songs from JCS! I went to a strict, religious school and any type of fun was frowned upon.

Hosanna, hey, Sanna, Sanna, Sanna,
Ho-sanna, hey, Sanna, Ho-sanna.
Hey JC, JC, won’t you smile at me?
Sanna, Hosanna, hey, Superstar.


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