WIP whittling- which ones made the cut?

WOW. I went from nineteen Works-In-Progress to just 9 in one afternoon! (well ok, 10… I keep a car project but it was too cold to go out and get it) Floss was flying, charts were fluttering, and the fabric was running for cover… any WIP that moved too slowly went straight to the dump! (and no, I won’t tell you what got tossed because you’ll give me heck about it) Here are the projects that made the cut, in no particular order:

1. the Amish Trip Around the World counted canvas project. Honestly, as long as I’ve had on this thing, I could have gone around the world already- a few times! This is destined to become trash a UFO, but I couldn’t bear to let it go just yet…

2. the dreaded 2009 project. I didn’t make the Dec. 31st deadline, so now it’s just a regular old WIP instead of a special project. Poor thing.

3. Praiseworthy Stitches, “Hope”. There really is hope that this might get done in 2010 because I love, love, love this floss color! It’s “Stormy Sea” by Carrie, if you’re wondering.

4. this crazy beautiful design by Jeanette Douglas, “My Stitching Treasures”. I don’t work on this much at all (as evidenced by the picture) because it’s one that requires thinking. I don’t like to think that much when I’m stitching… I stitch to relax & escape, you know?

5. in case there were any doubt; if visitor’s didn’t notice all the stitching junk laying around, it might be nice to have this hanging on the wall to announce that they were indeed standing in the home of a needleworker. (just pretend that was punctuated properly, please)

6. this thing. I volunteered to make a needlepoint footstool cover for my parents, and then I remembered that I wasn’t too fond of wool. It makes me itch. After a stitching session with this one, I have to perform a cleansing ritual rivaling those used to decontaminate individuals from radiation poisoning! (at least the way they show it in the movies… I can’t say that I’ve had personal experience with radiation decontamination) Since I like to shower at night, get my jammies on, and then stitch, this one gets left out of the loop. A lot.

7. the Eightsome Reel, which I decided to turn into a Foursome Reel and add fill-in motifs to celebrate my parent’s anniversary. I need to get busy… their anniversary is in April.

8. I’m not sure about the saying, “Live Simply so that Others May Simply Live” but I like these colors and I like the border design… I think I’ll change the saying to something more realistic like, “Live Simply So There’s Less to Clean”.

9. I like the way this looks in these cheery colors… it’s much less mauve-y than the original design, but that border is a pain. Seriously. I don’t know why I kept this one, but I have a specific space on my living room that I’d like it to hang in, preferable sometime in the near future.

I decided not to start something new on January 1 this year, and it feels kinda weird. On the other hand, starting out a new year by getting rid of unfinished projects was refreshing… maybe I’ll be able to get a little more done on some of these before I start something new?


11 thoughts on “WIP whittling- which ones made the cut?

  1. I think doing whatever it takes to make YOU feel good about your stitching is the best thing. I’ve been guilty of throwing away projects too…so I understand. There’s a cleansing that comes with a clean slate on not having to worry about it any more :)

  2. “Live Simply So There’s Less to Clean” – that quite literally had my laughing out loud!

    That’s quite the collection! I wish you luck on each and every one Monique!

  3. You’ve got some fabulous wip’s there…I like all the ones you’ve kept.

    I’ve done that too…just toss out the ones you don’t have any intention of finishing. It’s so liberating, LOL!!!

  4. Wow, you did well to whittle down your WIPs. You have chosen some lovely ones to carry on with too.

    I’m afraid I did have a new start 1st January and also another one today. Bad me! Lol!

  5. These are all very pretty projects! I also chose not to start a new project on Jan. 1st. I have so many started and loads of projects kitted up. I think this is the year to reduce the stash!

  6. You gotta de-clutter at some point!! :-)

    I do like the ones you’ve kept…bet the “trashed” ones were too.

  7. I don’t want to know which ones you’ve thrown away. You might have been able to sell them? Or give them away? I hate throwing away things like that, but there’s a time and a place for everything. And I’m all for decluttering!

  8. Looking at your photos is every bit as exciting as going into the needlework/quilt stores — great pictures, beautiful embroidery and yeah, that wool would have to go but it is a gorgeous project.

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