Penelope made me giggle today. He was just swimming around and enjoying his afternoon, but when I brought the camera over he stopped and posed for me! What a ham ;)

BTW, see those dark patches on his hands? That’s what little boy froggies develop when they are going through puberty. Both the male and female hands (paws? flippers?) are totally white until maturity, which is why we didn’t know he was a boy until after we’d been calling him Penelope forever.  I don’t think he knows any better, really.

13 thoughts on “Penelope!

  1. Oh my gosh, that is cute and what a name – too fun. Great photo. Puberty eh? Ben is going through FLE (family life education) at school this week -ah, the fifth grade … gives parents around here more gray hair!


  2. He’s sooo precious! Nothing’s impossible when you’re name is Penelope, so if he has babies…I want one. He’s adorable. :]

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