on cutting apples + feeling quiet

Elizabeth bought me this apple cutter for Christmas, and I just used it for the first time… it’s really neat! I’m easily amused ;)

I’ve been pretty quiet lately. My birthday is coming up, and after almost 41 of these things I am beginning to sense a pattern. Every year I become contemplative, thinking about my achievements (or lack thereof) and grinding out goals for the next year…


8 thoughts on “on cutting apples + feeling quiet

  1. I have one of those too and now I eat way more apples then I used too. Try sprinkling a touch of salt or you could always eat it along with cheese slices or peanut butter too!

  2. Your birthday gift from me is safely in my hands. It will arrive late, but it will get there. ;) Take care and don’t contemplate too hard – smell some roses, too. :)

  3. Yes, I find birthdays to be quite similar to New Years — with resolutions even. I used to dread my birthday but now, while I might not actually look forward to it like Christmas or something, I do enjoy it and am thankful I am here with everybody I love. Of course, I am old enough to be your mother — if I were a very young mother — so my thoughts are different but you will come to love your special day and everybody you have in it.

  4. You know I have one of these and I like it ok, but I get made if I don’t hit the center perfect. I also have one of those apple peeler and slinky makers…the kind that goes round and round…don’t like it either because I’m bad about hitting the center on that too…

  5. I have one of those. I had a lot of cosmetic dentistry last year and I can’t eat apples on the core anymore. It makes it so much easier to cut them.

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