the things we do for our kids

A while back, my daughter spotted this dress-up pig in a mail order catalog and put it on her birthday wish list. I thought she was being silly, so didn’t buy it for her. Then it turned up on her Christmas wish list… again I thought she was being silly. Somewhere around the next Valentine’s Day, she mentioned that she’d *love* to have a porch pig, and so it goes for every darn holiday until I gave in and said we could get the pig. Life’s too short not to have a tacky porch decoration, you know?

Unfortunately, by the time I gave in came to my senses the catalog didn’t carry them anymore! And I can’t find this thing anywhere. Porch geese are readily available here in the Midwest (more on those later) so I asked if she wouldn’t just as soon have a dress-up goose but, “No Mom, our porch should have a pig”. As spoiled as she is (mainly thanks to Grandma) this kid has only even asked specifically, seriously for about three things in her 11 years. And it’s killing me that I haven’t been able to find one. So I implore you… join me on my quest for the porch piggy and help make a child’s dreams come true!

Believe it or not, there are a lot of folks out there who don’t know about porch geese. Although I’ve seen a few concrete geese, around here the most common type is a hollow plastic geese that you can fill with sand and set on your porch. And because no self-respecting goose wants to sit around naked, you have to dress it up in little handmade outfits. The big responsibility lies in dressing your goose appropriately.

If it’s going to be rainy, it has to wear a raincoat:

Is it hot out? Your goose will need a swimsuit…



You get the idea. I have to admit that one of the reasons I wasn’t initially interested in the pig is that I’d have to make a lot of little clothes for it. Geese suits are a dime a dozen, but pig wear? Not so much.

So, anybody know where I can find a porch pig?

11 thoughts on “the things we do for our kids

  1. What an awesome Mom you are! I hope you find the dress up pig. Ebay was going to be my answer and I see someone has posted. Good luck and let us know if you find one!

  2. Tell dd I much prefer the porch pig to the porch goose:) Really cute!! (And no, I’m not showing this to my dd or we’d need one too, LOL).

  3. Ha ha. That is so funny and adorable that you have been won over by your dd. Very cute. I like the geese lol. x

  4. I agree with your daughter! Pigs rule! Thanks for asking about me. I am working part-time and looking for a second job! Most of my days are good, today was a sad one because I am missing my mom. I will get back to blogging one day. Don’t give up on me!

    Take care

  5. I just love E and how she thinks your porch needs a pig! My mom has one of those silly geese and she is obsessed with dressing it. I guess when you’re retired and you don’t stitch you need something to think about! LOL

  6. I would like one for my grandson. They have a big real pig, can’t dress Bubba up, so a porch pig would be just right!!!

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