“Cat Lessons for People”, etc.

Isn’t this new Lizzie Kate design cute? I had a poster like this about 20 years ago… might be nice to stitch it! I assume there will be a dog version as well, although I haven’t heard.

I didn’t have the best birthday this year… my car decided it didn’t like to wake up so early anymore and refused to start every morning! The whole rest of the day it would run fine. It turned out to be a distributor issue; all is well now, but it did make for a few hectic mornings.

My family is taking me somewhere for a birthday surprise tonight, and I don’t have any idea what’s in store! I even tried to bribe my daughter but she held firm. Now when I was a kid, I’d rake in the dough during gift-giving times… my Grandma would pay me a quarter to tell her what she was getting, and my parents would pay me a quarter not to tell her. It was kinda like I was a double-agent.

Have you read any good books lately? I decided to read more this year and I’m making a list of potential “good reads”… I’d love to hear your suggestions.

12 thoughts on ““Cat Lessons for People”, etc.

  1. Sorry to hear about the car. Goodness – hope you have a great time tonight :)

    ps… I’m on good reads – love that site to record your books, etc.

  2. Sorry about the car not behaving. Have a great time tonight. Love the cat lessons, hope to see the dog one soon.

  3. I’m sorry to say that your birthday gift from me is still on my shelf. Oops.

    I bet I could recommend some good books. What do you like to read??

  4. Enjoy your birthday dinner. The cat piece is quite cute. As far as reading goes – The Invisible by Andrew Britton. (spy thriller) Thai Die by Monica Ferris (cross stitch murder mystery) Murder Passes the Buck by Deb Baker – Gramma Mazur-like character trying to solve a murder

  5. That is a darling design! My sister needs that one. Sorry to hear your birthday week has been hectic. I hope you’re having a ball tonight!

  6. I listened to an audio book last year that I absolutely loved–The Book Thief. The story is told by Death. Sounds kinda’ morbid, but excellent story and well written.

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