on fuppies

I have tons of fuppies.  You know, those stitched projects where the stitching is completed but not yet framed, ornamented, or otherwise finished with a capital “F”. 

Finished Unfinished Projects.  FUPs.   Only I say “fuppies” because it sounds way nicer than “fups” or “fuppers”, which can be easily misunderstood.  Like if you have a particularly wide piece and call it a “fat fup”, or when there’s a bunch of  “little fuppers” to take care of.  You know.

I keep them all in my Fuppie Box– a big, flat cardboard box about 2″ tall that slides completely under my computer desk so I can easily forget about how many projects there are that I meant to do something with…

The ones above need to be framed.  I have the frames for them but I need to find the time to make myself actually do the framing.  I hate framing.   I’d almost rather pick hair out of the bathtub drain.  Almost.

These are going in my stitching scrapbook:

I have some from exchanges, too.  I’m thinking about starting a new scrapbook for those.  Of course, I’ve been thinking about that for years so who knows if I’ll ever follow through on it?  

I have to admit I was surprised when I pulled these out the other day… I didn’t realize there were so many!   I sorted them into stacks on the kitchen table and planned some finishes for them, and let them sit there for a day while I planned more finishes, and let them sit there for yet another day, and so on, until almost 4 days had gone by and nothing had been finished at all.  They’re all back in the box now.

18 thoughts on “on fuppies

  1. I have tons of these too! It’s so sad. Some of them are years and years old. I do NOT enjoy doing finishing, nor can I afford to have someone else do it for me. So, maybe some day…. Oh heck, who am I kidding.

  2. I like that word Fuppies. I have plenty of them too. I like the idea of doing a stitching scrap book. You are giving me ideas.

  3. Seeing your fuppies, makes me want to pull out my box and see which ones I have. You have adorable fuppies, I am sure they’d love to be finished in some form or another :)

  4. LOL!! Too funny, yet so true. I have ‘just a few’ fuppies and I fear they will never become FFP’s. What to do…???

  5. Fuppies – LOL never heard that one before. I’ve got a big box of those too. I’ll probably do something with them in my next life..lol.

  6. What is the pattern in the last picture on the bottom with the orange fabric? I see the word Boo on it. Nice fuppies.

  7. Oh, oh, OH! The ones that are relatively small can be turned into bookmarks and donated to the Stitching for Literacy 2010 BOOMKMARK CHALLENGE!


  8. Fuppies! I love it. I too have a little box full of these puppies. Many I don’t want to be framed because I just do not have the wall space for so many hangings. But a scrapbook, hmmm.

  9. I want some just so I can go around and talk about my little fuppies back home and make people wonder just what the heck I’m talking about! LOL!!

  10. What the FUP? Get busy, you!

    Seriously, why not challenge yourself to finish one item a week (or month) until they are all gone? And things don’t HAVE to be FRAMED. A lot of those would make wonderful stitching smalls.

  11. I like the word fuppies! I have a few I must admit but it’s getting myself motivated to do something about it!

  12. I think most of us have a pile of Fuppies somewhere … mine are gradually getting made up into items since I’ve learned how to do my own picture framing, but I still struggle with what to do with those smaller pieces – and dragging out the finishing equipment … it’s so much easier to leave them in a pile and browse through them every now and then :P

  13. I have a Fuppie box, too. Whenever I dig it out and start working on finishing something, my husband yells “Death to Fuppies!”

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