bookmark stitching, anyone?

Once upon a time, my friend Jen started a really cool program to get stitched bookmarks into the hands of excited little readers during Children’s Book Week in May of each year. It’s so simple it’s genius… stitch a bookmark, send it in to a participating collection site, and be satisfied that you’ve encouraged someone in their reading endeavors!

In 2007, there were 429 stitched bookmarks donated and the 2008 event brought in 638… last year, stitchers donated 1,023! Let’s see how much better we can do for 2010, eh? This year Jen has 33 schools/libraries asking to receive bookmarks so there’s plenty of opportunity for us to share our stitchy goodness ;)

There’s a second component to Stitching for Literacy, and that’s where the designers come in. Several of us (Kat, Karen, Janie, Jen, and I) have designed bookmarks specifically for the program, and have chosen literacy-related organizations to receive a portion of our sales dollars. For example, My Mark is donating to Book Trust, which gives books to low-income children. I just sent another batch of my “bookmarks 1” chart to Hoffman (working on more designs) and I’d love to be able to write out a big fat donation check sometime soon.

But this is not meant to be a sales pitch… I really don’t care you stitch freehand on a paper towel as long as you finish it nicely and turn it in! Libraries need something nifty to give to kids who are on the verge of choosing between the path of knowledge & enlightenment and the highway to hell. A bit dramatic but you see what I mean, right?

It’s cold outside, and I know you have a scrap of fabric and more thread than you’ll admit to… why not stitch a bookmark today?   That’s what I plan to do.

BTW, if you’d like to learn different ways to finish bookmarks, Jen is teaching a 4-week class over at The Stitcher’s Village that starts on February 8th.

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