Misc. Monday, although it’s Tuesday

The new Counted Wishes Cross Stitch Festival has begun… I found a few things I’d like to buy! Let me know what you think about the show, would you?

I forgot to tell y’all that one of my birthday gifts was a night out to see the Russian State Ballet dance Swan Lake. They were definitely not the Bolshoi (who I’ve also seen do Swan Lake) but still very good! It was a lovely birthday surprise.

My birthday order arrived the other day! For the record, the top book is not mine.

I’ve been nibbling on some Japanese candy, which is very cute (er, kawaii) but tastes exactly like the old rock candy. Do they still make rock candy?

Here’s a pretty necklace that my sweet friend Tanya gave me for my birthday, wrapped in a piece of patchwork fabric! Pretty beads, pretty fabric, pretty good friends… not much in life is better than that, is it?

Here’s a pic of that bookmark I said I was going to stitch in my last post… how about that? I actually followed through with a plan! (that almost never happens) The teddy bear block is for an exchange in March. Yep, following through AND finishing early… it must be the end times.


7 thoughts on “Misc. Monday, although it’s Tuesday

  1. Happy Birthday!!

    let me know what you think of Coben’s “The Woods” – I read it about a year ago and really enjoyed it.

  2. Happy Birthday! Looks like you’ve got lots of good reading ahead of you :) They do still sell rock candy BTW ;)

  3. Nice book haul, Monique. A house just isn’t a home without books, as far as I’m concerned. We’re big on collecting books here … oh and reading them too. LOL

    The necklace looks pretty in a heart shape! Glad you like it :)

  4. Happy birthday sounds like you had a blast. I saw the Bolshoi years ago with my girlfriend and it was a memorable night. Looks like you have lots of reading to do and what a pretty necklace.

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