Nashville previews

Here are a few Nashville releases that I like.  What’s funny is that they are all very traditional, even primitive-y… nothing like most of what I design. But then again, I know several designers who don’t stitch what they design (a few would probably surprise you) and at least I stitch my stuff, too. Anyway

Bristol Bookmarks by Dutch Treat

Cape Cod’s Boys by The Primitive Needle

Miss Lapin by With Thy Needle & Thread

Love the Spring by Shakespeare’s Peddler

Live Laugh Love Sampler by Primitive Betty’s

And various new stuff from Kelmscott Designs… I must have one of those strawberries!

Have you seen any upcoming releases you like?  Anything you need?


4 thoughts on “Nashville previews

  1. I absolutely love the “Miss Lapin” by With thy needle & thread; and those strawberries are nice also

  2. I want the dirt on which stitchers don’t stitch their own work! Am I the only horrible gossip? Love those Kelmscott scissors.

    I feel like I should be stitching Bent Creek’s Cozy right now (piles of snow outside, I’m inside snuggled with a warm dog). Also like Brittercup’s Floral Decor, CHS’s Big Brown House, and My Mark’s Valentine’s Day Blackwork.

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