The big news: I’ve started working for the census bureau as a crew leader assistant so I won’t have any free time for a while. Everything I’m doing is protected by confidentiality laws, so I won’t even be able to tell you any funny government or weird people stories, or talk much about what I’m doing at all. I’m guessing that my constantly saying “had to work all day today” would make for a very dull blog so you might not see a lot posted here over the next month.

As usual, I had a good time in at the TNNA show in Nashville (actually Franklin, TN) and it was so nice to be somewhere sunny and warmish after this brutal winter! I rented a car and took the long way down to the hotel, driving the pikes instead of the highways… I had the windows rolled down a bit, and it was a lovely drive. A few goodies followed me home:

Of course I wanted Kat’s new dragon design and I had to get Linda’s Cat Lessons, you know. The pins are a new set from JABCO and the bunny is just too cute. Isn’t it interesting that the Crescent & Weeks new colors for this market included a turquoise, a beige, a plum, and a green? I wonder if they planned that…

Paulette’s Queen Sampler followed me home, too. And I discovered a new designer– “All Through the Night”… she been doing applique designs for the quilt markets and is just starting with XS, and her designs are good. She was sold out of all but this one, and I was lucky to get it :)

And no market would be complete without something to add to my growing Kelmscott collection; I felt like I needed Paula’s hummingbird Needle Minder. That fabric underneath it all? That’s a new color from Enchanting Lair…

I recently added some pretty thread winders to my Etsy shop and I only have a few sets left. I’ve also started making some long scissors fobs, which I kept thinking of as “mondo” so I’m calling them MondoFobs. Hubby thinks I’m crazy…what do you think?

And finally– I don’t thank you guys enough. I appreciate your blog visits and comments, your support of My Mark, your facebook friendships and fandom (is that a word?); I enjoy being a part of your online world. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “this-n-that

  1. They are MondoFobs :)

    Love your new goodies Monique! That aqua colored fabric is gorgeous.

    I hope you get plenty of good stitchy time between your government work :)

  2. Your husband is wrong, you are NOT crazy — just talented and creative. I lived with a talented and creative parent and he wasn’t crazy, just unique and it made for a wonderful, albeit different, childhood which I wouldn’t have traded.

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