Misc. Monday

I’ve been busier than expected with the census job. My family is getting used to “sandwich night” for dinner, and the dirty laundry pile is nearly chin high… but I do have a cute purse to tote around now:

My parents brought this back from their latest Disney trip… I love the old Mickey images:

I haven’t stitched a single X in weeks, but I do have two new designs on the drawing board and ideas for 4 new seasonal threadholder designs as well. BTW, “Jane” and two styles of “Stitch Every Day” threadholders are now back in stock on the website.

Last week was a special “spirit” week at my daughter’s school and one of the days was a “Decade Day”, where they could dress in theme from the 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s… my mother had some of her clothes from the actual (early) 70’s packed away in the basement so Elizabeth was authentically dressed!

3 thoughts on “Misc. Monday

  1. I bet the dress-up was fun for your daughter. And I love the old Disney images, too. So much more character. :)

    Good luck getting in some stitching time. Sometimes it’s next to impossible, isn’t it?

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