hodgepodgy goodness

Man, what’s it been… like a month since I’ve blogged?! Here’s a quick & dirty roundup of what’s been going on around here lately:

1. I got these super pretty tatted butterflies in the mail today from Lelia

2. Elizabeth wanted me to buy her this shirt… I love anthropomorphic foods!

3. I switched out the LK stitchery in the hallway so now it’s officially April

4. Barbara sent me the elusive BOAF birthday cat chart I’ve been seeking forever

5. I’ve been reading the Wimpy Kid books… very funny :)

6. This is the Easter Mouse (just go with it)

7. We colored eggs today; they aren’t as creative as they’ve been in past years…

8. …unless you count using my coffee to dye an egg! See what I have to put up with?

9. My Mark is now 5 years old! Thank you to all of you who have supported & encouraged me; I wouldn’t have made it without you…


5 thoughts on “hodgepodgy goodness

  1. Oh my goodness, those butterflies from Lelia are utterly adorable!!!

    I’m so glad I could help out with the birthday cat. Persistence does pay off. My mom still calls it stubborness, but I think persistence sounds better. ;)

    Thanks millions for the loan of the other BOAF chart and I’m sorry I kept it so ridiculously long. I’m bad.

  2. Ben and I went to see DIARY OF A WIMPY KID on Monday night – it was hilarious!!! Get past the booger humor and it’s such fun. Ben loves the books and has read them over and over and over. Movie was a blast but he said that they left stuff out and put stuff in … standard book to movie stuff, I guess.


  3. Happy Birthday to My Mark! Love the tshirt. My son said he saw one like that of a tomato looking at a ketchup bottle saying, “Dad?” :D

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