Hello, June!

Flaming June by Frederic Lord Leighton

I can’t believe it’s June!  Things are finally settling down a bit with work and I’m slowly gaining a little more free time each day.  Oh- and I actually took a day off yesterday, which was my first since the beginning of April ;)

I decided to spend my free day painting the bathroom, which in retrospect was not the most entertaining way to spend a day off (what was I thinking, anyway?) but now at least it’s finished.  Well, except for peeling off the blue tape and reinstalling the shelf, towel rack, etc.  The color I chose is “Humility Blue”, and I found a new shower curtain, lime green rugs, and toothbrush holder… will look nice, I think, when I ever get it finished with a capital F.

You know those road signs they put in construction zones that say, “Your Tax Dollars at Work”?  I need one like that but that says “Your Census Dollars at Work” for my bathroom door.  Only I guess I wouldn’t need to change the words after all because the two are really the same thing.  So nevermind.

3 thoughts on “Hello, June!

  1. One of my favorite paintings, ever.
    I want to paint so many rooms in the house but my arm muscles cry out NO NO NO! I painted the bedrooms before we moved in this house and it nearly did me in. LOL


  2. I love June!! How are you coming on it? And which company’s design did you choose? I seem to remember that Scarlet Quince, HAED, and Golden Kite all have the pattern. Give us an update on the piece, OK?


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