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I started working on My Day Complete by Keslyn’s as an informal stitch-along with several of my friends. You know how this goes: one lady bought the chart, then someone else bought one, and so on, until we all decided we needed it! What’s neat is that everyone has a different color scheme… I’m using a purple & green variegated (by Needle Necessities) for the center, then I’ll do the words in complimentary colors which I’ll figure out if when I get that far.

Husband for sale! Not really, but I thought this Helga Mandl design was cute and it was in the dollar bin, so why not?

This will be a needle book, if I can ever figure out what type of hinge or edge (or whatever you call the folded part) I want to make. And if I find the time. Embarrassingly enough, just this little bit took me about 8 months to do! Well, not the actual doing part, but this project has been in the hopper for a loooong time.


5 thoughts on “wip it good

  1. Wow I love your Keslyn’s WIP. Think I might have to go look for that chart! Also love Husband for Sale and your soon to be needlebook looks fab!

  2. Ooh, ooh, ooh, I love it!! I *had* to have this chart. It’s a must, whether I ever find time to stitch it or not. My LNS has a model, and I asked for the chart, which was, natch, sold out. Had to order it. I also lovity-love-love how your soon-to-be-needlebook is turning out.

  3. The Keslyn design is very pretty and I really like your needlebook! Husband for Sale is adorable too! :)

  4. ditto to all above … however, the needlebook is AWESOME! Really! When I’ve made them, I used either floss or perle cotton and stitched in the “pages”. I use a random backstich or random cross stitch. My needlebooks are always beat up as I use them ALL THE TIME. Never have enough of them.

    Are you putting your logo (pattern) on felted wool? that is just kewl! Looking forward to more of those.

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