kitsch + finish

I found this acrylic owl thing at a garage sale… it’s deliciously tacky, right? It’s sitting on my kitchen windowsill where the sunlight catches it.  That orange really glows.

No one else in the family likes it.

I thought I was finished with the Husband For Sale sign, but maybe I should rip out “Remote included” and stitch “Hates Plastic Owls” instead.


11 thoughts on “kitsch + finish

  1. I think my mom still has one of these in her kitchen somewhere. She was right-wait long enough and it will come back in style!

  2. Well, yes, it’s kitschish…the owl. But, sometimes we fall in love with the strangest thingies…take a close look at your husband sometime!!! :P LOL No, I didn’t say that!! I like the “…remote” stitch. Hugs, Deb

  3. I love owls so he is cool to me. We are always losing our remote so I guess no one would take my husband. HAHA

  4. I like the owl — reminds me of my days of early marriage when everything decorative came from Sears and it was either owls or mushrooms in various shades of brown, orange, harvest gold and avocado green!

    The “husband” cross stitch — hee hee — what can I say.

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