feelin’ twilighty

I knew I was going to want to see Eclipse this week, so I re-read the first 3 Twilight books to get ready. I decided that I wanted to go to the midnight release of Eclipse, and then I figured that I might as well see Twilight & New Moon again so Tuesday night consisted of a good 7 hours of Twilight stuff. I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to stay awake that long (3am is WAY past my usual bedtime) but I had a friend with me and it was a lot of fun!

And then I went to see Eclipse again on Wednesday. Yes, it was that good.

What’s funny about all this is that I started out as one of those people who hated Twilight. I thought Edward was needy & controlling, and Bella had such low self esteem it was painful… I still think that but the story grew on me. I was forced to watch Twilight one night when there was literally nothing else on TV (at that point I thought it was just ok) and then my stepdaughter visited and was SO into New Moon that I rented it out of curiosity– and wound up watching it 4 times.

The next time Twilight was on TV, I watched it on purpose and liked it.  (maybe it’s an acquired taste, like beer?)  Oddly enough, the movies are better than the books.  There’s a lot of teen angst that didn’t transfer well to the screenplay, thank goodness.

And just for the record, I run with werewolves.


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  1. I need a test comment for my dashboard settings, so here it is! BTW, I’ll be seeing Eclipse again next week :)

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