i like… handguns

I cut my teeth on old Colt 44. My Grandpa let me chew on his gun while telling fantastic tales of Lassiter & his sidekick, Maggot. I know this sounds slightly reckless, letting a baby gnaw on a gun, but I assure you it was clean. And unloaded.

For the record, my mother was horrified.

I’ve owned a few guns in my life, and I used to be a pretty dern good shot. I sold my last gun, a cute little Beretta, just before we moved back to Missouri (in 2000?) and I’m almost ready to exercise my second amendment rights again. I just found out about a local firing range that lets you try out a wide variety of handguns before purchasing one, and that sounds like a smart idea.

When I went through the police academy we got to shoot a wide variety of weapons, but the best thing was being able to try out illegal guns that had been confiscated. One of my faves was a TEC-9 that had been converted into a full automatic. I could totally be a gangster if I could carry one of those and not have to do anything mean. I could be a stitching gangster…

Any gun-toting stitchers out there? I’d love to hear your reviews & recommendations!


2 thoughts on “i like… handguns

  1. Funnily enough, going to a shooting range is on my bucket list :P Never fired a gun, but would love to try it just the once :)

  2. And, funny enough I went shooting today with my DH. The gun club in on a beautiful piece of property in the country. Everyone sees deer, turkey and other wildlife that amble through the long gun ranges. Everyone stops shooting until they decide to quit teasing. I have a Browning Buck Mark 22. We have gun shows in Ohio all the time so I went and picked up lots of handguns and this one felt the best to me. I love the plinking range where we shoot up all kinds of stuff. (ritz crackers, plastic bottles and shave cream cans are awesome!)

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