yesterday morning:

drinking coffee, watching a movie, texting my hubby, and working on a new design…


5 thoughts on “yesterday morning:

  1. Hi Monique, I know this blog entry was almost 3 years ago, but…did you ever finish the design in this photo? It looks to me like a Christmas blackwork pattern (which I have been wishing for!) I’m so sorry that the My Mark brand seems to have retired, but life is constantly changing, and I hope you are enjoying the new ventures. I have 22 My Mark patterns and 4 threadholders in my stash. Your “Be Silly, etc.” was the first pattern I ever stitched that was not part of a prepackaged kit! So just know that you are appreciated and your work lives on (And if there is any way I can purchase that Xmas pattern, LET ME KNOW!) Best wishes, Amy

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