my beading process

After I think up a design for a new fob, I temporarily string the beads onto a length of floral wire.  I do that because usually when I’m in the mood to design, I like to strike while the iron is hot… my ideas can be fleeting, as I learned the hard way!  I fold the floral-wire pieces in half and lay them in an ice cube tray along with the clasp and tassel that I plan to use:

Sometimes my trays pile up until I find time to assemble the fobs, but we won’t talk about that. This tray was full of mostly patriotic designs, which wound up looking like this:

The Evil Eye fob turned out pretty neat, I think:

And then the final step is listing them on my website, which takes an embarrassing length of time… we won’t talk about that either.   I list them for sale on this page, if you’re interested :)

7 thoughts on “my beading process

  1. Monique, I know I asked you this before, I think, but the scrapbook you have that looks like a briefcase almost, I think you said you got it at Walmart. Is there a tag on it or anything that says what the brand is? I have scoured and scoured the Internet and cannot find anything like it. Thanks.

  2. ignore what I replied above. That was supposed to go under the sleeping duo.

    Geez I hope I get this one right.

    Love the beading! The Evil Eye is my favorite. I love all those blues. Nice job!

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