my daughter said i was ‘so random’

You’re so boring boring boring
Always tape machine recording
You’re so boring boring boring
I’ve heard all this before

I’ve had this song stuck in my head all morning. Remember the Dead Kennedys? I used to love,love,love them… I would have had the DK logo tattooed onto my arm at age 13 if my mother had let me. They’re planning a short Fall tour, but even if I did live near one of the venues I think I’d be scared to go. I’m way too momish to even contemplate such a thing anymore.

Back to the song: I feel like I’ve been such a boring blogger lately! I’m working on some neat things, but I can’t share them just yet. I’ve done a few designs, which will be published in CS&N mag next year. I’m starting another needlework-related business, and have my distributor lined up– products to be released next year. I’m working with some partners to get another craft-related business off the ground, which will be BIG news– next year. And so on.

So what’s happening now? A lot of mother-y things (it’s volleyball season), and a lot of housework (8 months of census has taken its toll). Oh- I did just attend/work the St. Charles TNNA show… guess I should show off my goodies:

And of course I have a few things to pick up from my LNS later today, on my way to the volleyball game, after I get a haircut, but before I visit a new gym, and way after I finish the designs that are due by tomorrow. Did I just hear the dryer buzz?

How I wish that there were more
Than the 24 hours in the day
Even if I ran out of speed, boy
I wouldn’t sleep a minute of the way


6 thoughts on “my daughter said i was ‘so random’

  1. I see some familiar things in your picture. I got to play in and help price all the new stash my boss brought home from St. Charles yesterday. Some very nice things….some I had to order……some I want to order but won’t because I know I’ll never live to stitch what I have. Have fun with yours!!

  2. Oh my gosh, are the Dead Kennedys still ALIVE?! LOL. I guess I’m a bit older than you, as I was closer to college age than high school age but yeah, I thought they were supremely cool.

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