marking threadholders

I don’t usually bother to mark my thread palettes with symbols and/or color numbers because I stitch really simple things. When a design calls for something like what’s pictured above, it’s pretty obvious what goes where on the chart… but when I kit up something that has a few different shades of one color, I mark the backs:

I used a piece of tape and a Sharpie marker… when I’m done stitching, I’ll just peel the tape off. I’ve tried masking tape, shipping tape, and Scotch tape on these, and the type of plastic I use to make these threadholders allows for easy peeling with no residue.

Oh! I made some for Halloween… you can find them at the webshop:


2 thoughts on “marking threadholders

  1. Hi Monique,

    Your thread holders are so handy to
    use and your idea of using tape on
    the back to mark the symbols for
    each thread in a project is pretty
    smart. Love the Halloween design.

    You’ve got quite a selection of
    projects on the go right now, don’t
    you??? There’s some great stuff
    there and a few look pretty close
    to being finished.

    I have even fewer finishes then you
    do for this year and that frustrates
    me to no end. I’m a slow stitcher
    to begin with, and there just never
    seems to be enough hours in the day,
    week, month etc…to do all the fun
    things that I love to do.


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