a pretty short Branson report

I love my Branson vacations.  I’ve been going down for stitching retreats hosted by Cecilia’s Samplers for a while now, and each one is better than the last.  Thursday night we had the Fuddruckers people come out and grill up burgers for all of us on site… they even brought a full toppings bar and set up a soda fountain!

The pictures show some of the stuff that followed me home. Holly always comes up with great goodies (isn’t that piggy bank cute?) and stuff for us to work on.  I had the option of receiving a store gift card or stitching projects, and I chose the projects–most of those are in that 3rd pic.  Some of the little gifty things were quickly spirited away by various family members…  I don’t remember now what’s missing.

I didn’t buy much this time because I’m gearing up for another vacation.  I purchased:

  • Heinzeit shuttle/frame
  • “Here Lyes Thread” winder from GOSM
  • Pine Mountain, “Autumn Abode” kit
  • JBW, “Queen Bee” chart
  • “Nativity Line Up by The Trilogy
  • Homespun’s stitching Santa (name??)

…and probably something else that I forgot to take a picture of.  Oh- scissors!  Cecilia’s gave each of us a pair of the new black & white floral storks, and I bought the coordinating pair.  Because a girl can’t have too many scissors, right? 

Just 148 days until the Spring retreat! 


3 thoughts on “a pretty short Branson report

  1. Great haul ~ sounds like such a fun time of it. I was looking at that nativity pattern online just yesterday – very nice. The demi tasse is beautiful.

    Love Fudruckers!!


  2. Sorry I missed out on the great time. Looks like I am going to have to plan on going to 2 a year instead of just one!

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