Are you sitting down? I actually have a few stitching pictures to share!

Midsummer Night Designs, “You & Me Sampler”. In that big blank space, I’m planning to add the house with wool felt instead of XS. I’ll post pics when I do that to show you an easy way to adapt patterns.

Hinzeit, “Warm Wish” (from the Charmed Word Play line) I still need to add the charm.

Little House Needleworks, “Be True” (colors changed so I could remain true to myself ) Stitched on PT+ Aida, in a beautiful blue opalescent that I can’t remember the name of…?

Blue Ribbon Designs, “Blessed Beyond Measure”… this was one of the projects I received at the Cecilia’s retreat, but I totally was going buy this one anyway! The pic is crummy, but I’m using Picture This Plus aida in “Valor”– yum. BTW, I know there are a lot of aida haters out there (some of my best friends are linen snobs) but PT+ truly has soft Aida; it’s not that old-fashioned stiff stuff. I’m just sayin’.


2 thoughts on “xs-ing

  1. Hi Monique,

    Firstly …. your stitching excursion
    to Branson and the retreat put on by
    Cecilia’s Stitching which sounds like
    it was a blast. They actually had
    the people of Fuddruckers come out to
    barbecue for you all??? Wow!! I’ll
    bet the Soda Fountain was fun.

    And look at all that fabulous stuff
    that you brought home with you. Oh
    boy!! Lots of wonderful goodies to
    play with. Do you actually sit
    down to stitch during these retreats?
    Were there other bloggers there??
    Did you go to any shows while you
    were there?? Am I being terribly
    nosy about it all?? I’d so love
    to attend one of these retreats
    someday. Don’t mind me.

    And look at all that stitching that
    you’ve been doing. Good for you.
    That penguin of Warm Wish is pretty
    adorable in knitted hat and scarf
    and I like the colors of this one.

    You’ve used / substituted some
    really pretty colors in the You and
    Me sampler and for Be True as well.
    That’s what I love about your stuff.
    Lots of wonderful color.

    I’m something of a linen snob I
    suppose (Mea Culpa) but when Aida
    is soft and well made, which your
    pieces there look to be even in a
    photo, then I would have no problem
    stitching on it. I prefer evenweave
    fabric to actual linen anyways.

    Do Fuddruckers make good burgers??
    We don’t have them up here in Canada
    I don’t think. I do love me a nice
    juicy cheeseburger. Yum!!

    Hope you had a great Halloween!!

    Always fun visiting with you Monique!


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