Sunday stitching

I’ve decided that during 2011, Sundays will be reserved for Christmas stitching.   (even joined the facebook group so I’d be held accountable)  I’d love to get some of the holiday charts I’ve been collecting stitched up, and have a few more decorations to hang next Christmas.  We have about a dozen xs ornaments to hang on the tree, but we only have  ONE framed thing.  And I didn’t even stitch it… it was a retired shop model that I won for a doorprize several years ago!  (it’s one of those buttoned & stitched Mill Hill kits, if you’re wondering)

I have a friend who stitched only Halloween designs throughout 2010, and I’m tempted to follow her example and stitch only Christmas for a year.  But would I get tired of it?  And I’d have to exclude work-related stitching, of course.  Hmmm.

I changed the fabric color on the Trilogy piece to a sparkly blue from Picture This Plus.  (note to linen snobs:  don’t scoff unless you’ve actually stitched on PT+ Aida!  It’s divine.)   I went through about 5 shades of tan fabric for this design, but they were just all so… tan.  Christmas is a magical, wondrous, joyous time!  It’s not a mushroom time!   For ornaments I think neutrals are just fine, maybe even preferred,  but I want the stuff on my walls to pop.  If I’m gonna bother decorating, I want it to be obvious.

9 thoughts on “Sunday stitching

  1. Have to laugh about linen snobs :) LOL!
    Being that I recently had one of those write to me about that very issue and the Love Quilt squares I was stitching….ho hum….

    I love your Sunday Christmas stitching time idea…and I have decided that this year, I’m going to stitch more religious type things when I make new starts. I collect Nativities (well it is a young collection to be honest) but anyway, the two you are working on here are on MY list of MUST DO’s :)
    I love them! And I’m going to steal *ahem* borrow your blue color choice for the one…it’s awesome!

  2. I love the blue for the Trilogy nativity. I had that chart in my hand on Saturday at the LNS, but I did not bring it home.

    If it’s still there on my next visit, I’ll be grabbing it *and* some lovely blue fabric to put it on!

  3. I love the Christmas stitching on Sunday idea!! I have been thinking about trying to be more restful on Sundays and if I plug in a book on tape or music I could stitch and do this!!! Thanks for sharing the idea!! And I do my personal ornaments on scrap Aida to test the ornament and to get use up a large stash–I save my linen for large projects; ain’t nothin’ wrong with Aida. :)

  4. Your Christmas stitching is lovely Monique. I love the idea of Christmas stitching through the year. Think I might have to check out the FB group!

  5. Love the idea of doing Christmas stitching throughout the year! And that blue fabric is perfect!! I think I may have to check out the FB group too!

  6. Lovely Christmas pieces! I stitch ornaments (and other small pieces, but mainly ornaments) at weekends and found that it really works to get a good number done by the end of the year.

  7. Hi Monique,

    Ohhhhh…you’re reading Comfort Food! I have that in my TBR pile. I did read The Friday Night Knitting Club and I loved, loved, loved
    it!! I was able to snag the sequel to that one (called Knit Two) in hard cover and on sale before Christmas and I look forward to reading it. There’s a Christmas book too.

    That Lizzie Kate Halloween ornament is so cute!! Love how the variegated thread you used for the pumpkin looks and the fabric
    you stitched it on really makes the whole
    design stand out.

    Your Ink Circle’s … um …. snail is
    cute too! Love your color choices for it.

    I admire your resolve to stitch Christmas designs on Sundays this year, which is a
    pretty cool idea actually. Wouldn’t it be
    nice to have a tree with nothing on it but ornaments that you’d stitched and put
    together yourself??

    That Trilogy design is going to look great
    on the blue fabric with the sparkly bits
    in it. Are you using the recommended colors
    for it or choosing your own??

    A WIP Orphanage (at the retreat you’ll be going to in April) is an interesting idea.
    It would be nice to know that someone is
    enjoying the piece that you just couldn’t
    bring yourself to finish instead of shoving
    it to the bottom of a drawer somewhere and
    pretending it doesn’t exist.

    I think that your choice to stitch each and every day this year (good luck with that!!) is a tad saner then starting fifteen different projects in fifteen days. Fifteen
    projects all demanding my attention would
    drive me ’round the bend I think.


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